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AI-Powered Free

Applicant Tracking System for

Global Hiring

Simplify each step of your recruitment process from the workforce

planning to interview to onboarding- and everything in between

job opportunities 

clients globally 

job application 

AI-Powered Hiring Automation Platform

A complete hiring software to manage your talent acquisition lifecycle. Our free ATS software helps your organization hire the right candidates by:

Globally distributing your jobs to attract  diverse talent

Make your hiring process


Providing a great candidate


Enhancing recruiter productivity and reducing time to hire

Automatically matches the best talent

with an advanced AI tool

Sourcing and appointing with

a few clicks

Advanced Analytics

HireTalent gives you in-depth data on the analysis of your applicants with highlighted insights, AI-assisted matching scores, and decision support systems.



HireTalent eases the pressure of increased application volume by automatically removing resumes that are not in tune with the profile you are looking for.



Automate the interviews as well

as offer-letter management. Automation ensures quality and consistency, freeing up your business to focus on more strategic pursuits.




HireTalent offers robust automation, comprehensive analytics tools required to help find the right balance between

a diverse workforce and a productive one!

Our Interactive Dashboard

The dream HireTalent was born with, has now expanded into a confluence where job providers meet the job seekers in the most beneficial manner. Our developers continuously pursue building the most user-friendly interface for a terrific user experience.

Data-Driven Metrics

Recruitment Funnel Performance

AI-Powered ATS

Automatically Shortlisted Candidates


What We Offer

Our free ATS boosts your talent acquisition strategies and takes global hiring to a new level. HireTalent lets you hire with improved candidate experience and paves the way to endorse your brand in the international market.

Grow and Scale Your Hiring

Reimagine your large-scale hiring with the most flexible and configurable solution

Hire with Speed

Create a 100% digital hiring experience to speed time to hire, improve quality of hire, and lower cost per hire.

Unify Your


Orchestrate the process to screen, interview, and assess top candidates and learners

Get entire Insight of Talent

Add intelligence to your talent lifecycle and make equitable, data-driven talent decisions


A completely digital hiring process designed to reduce time to hire, increase quality of hire at lower cost.

Quality Hiring @ lower cost

Save time screening and interviewing candidates, while delivering a fair, equitable experience for all talent. 

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ATS for Orange Flame
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ATS for Stratigiko

Customer Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Trust our customers.

HireTalent allows me to manage the complete recruiting process efficiently. The dashboard is very user-friendly. Unlike other recruiting software, which is complicated to use, HireTalent is easy to use. 

Cathy Cavanaugh

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