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Easily Integrate Career Website with HireTalent
Effortlessly integrate your current open positions/vacancies on your career website with HireTalent.
Get to know Hiretalent - FREE ATS better
Watch this video and discover some amazing features of HireTalent, a free applicant tracking system
Automate Hiring with
Our AI-powered automated recruiting software can help in simplifying every step of your recruitment process.
Introducing HireTalent - AI-powered Hiring Automation Platform
Recruit global talent, provide a great onboarding experience, and accelerate the onboarding process.
How to Add Jobs using JD Repository
In this video, you will learn how an organization can add jobs using JD Repository.
How can an Organization Screen and Shortlist a Processed Candidate
Learn how an organization can screen and shortlist a processed candidate through the HireTalent platform.
How to Add Users to the HireTalent-Free ATS
With HireTalent - free ATS, administrators can easily log in and access the user management page to add new users to the system.
How to Configure the Assessment Sheet for the Interview Process
The video describes the process of configuring an assessment sheet for the interview process on the platform.
How to Configure Pre-Verification Documents for Hiring a Candidate
Now configure documents like experience letters, identity cards, passports, and more with simple steps.
How to Add Assessment Questions for a Job
The video tutorial guides how an organization can add assessment questions to jobs on the HireTalent platform.
Streamlining User Management
This video guide takes you through the simple steps of adding and modifying users on the platform.
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