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An Overview of HireTalent - A Complete Hiring Automation Platform

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

AI-Powered Hiring Automation Platform for Global Hiring
AI-Powered FREE Applicant Tracking System for Global Hiring

HireTalent is an AI-powered FREE applicant tracking system for global hiring – it makes tasks such as candidate sourcing, job posting, and interview scheduling effortless.

It is software that manages your hiring process from job posting to onboarding. It helps TA teams, hiring managers, and enterprises speed up candidate management and lower the time to fill.

Why use HireTalent - a Free ATS?

When recruiting employees becomes time-consuming and costly, organizations use a recruitment platform to automate the hiring process and reduce expenses to a minimum.

Who can use it?

Is it for enterprises and large corporates? The answer is NO. It is beneficial for startups and small businesses as well.

An applicant tracking system aims to streamline the tasks of TA teams, HR managers, and recruiters. It's one of the most in-demand tools in the recruitment software stack, assisting recruiters in filtering and sorting through hundreds of CVs to find one qualified candidate for an open position.

How can HireTalent help you?

1. Easy-to-use candidate screening software - HireTalent is an easy-to-use ATS software that manages the hiring process from sourcing to interview scheduling to onboarding.

2. Right candidate & job matching - HireTalent has an integrated resume parser and search & match engine that allows easy access to the best candidates. Matching technology helps you identify candidates with the right skills and competencies for open positions.

3. Scheduling interviews made easyScheduling and conducting interviews can be time-consuming, but it is the most crucial step of the hiring process. What better way to know a candidate than an interview? Isn't it? It allows HR to find the candidate more quickly as compared to messaging. HireTalent is well-equipped to schedule interviews.

4. Reduces cost per hire – We know the price of a bad hire and the time consumed to get a candidate to the interview phase. A good applicant tracking system can make all the difference – significantly reducing the overall hire cost.

5. Centralized candidate management – Now, you can store all the candidate information in a centralized place and access it when required. This saves time searching for basic information about the candidate, makes onboarding easier, and eliminates unnecessary paperwork.

Recruitment of new employees can be a time-consuming and costly process. Companies utilize a recruitment platform to automate recruiting and reduce expenses to a minimum. A good applicant tracking system makes hiring seamless, from candidate sourcing to interview scheduling.

Ready to transform your recruitment process?


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