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Top 7 Time-Saving Tips for Busy Recruiters

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

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Top 7 time-saving tips for busy recruiters

Recruiters were on the edge of burnout even before the pandemic. – According to SHRM, most of these professionals experienced significant pressure and stress due to the super-competitive recruiting environment and the nature of the job.

Despite being dynamic, recruitment often includes repetitive tasks and challenging collaborations. For instance, recruiters often lack information about the business objectives yet must do their best to control the hiring process.

Moreover, they find themselves stuck between job applicants and hiring managers, striving to please everyone and get things done fast without impacting quality. That can wear anyone down, especially recruiters, who must provide a stellar candidate experience and meet their company’s objectives.

Thus, 61 percent experienced increased stress during the pandemic, and most had to handle sudden changes while performing their jobs as usual. Many recruiters had to work with reduced resources and struggle with job insecurity, affecting their well-being and mental health. Things are not much better today. These professionals still have demanding assignments and targets to hit. Here are the seven hacks that can help recruiters better manage their time.

The Best Time-Saving Hacks for Every Recruiter

1. Automate Hiring Process

Most recruiters struggle with numerous repetitive tasks they must perform manually. But they could spend that time on more impactful activities, such as onboarding strategies and assessing whether a candidate is an excellent cultural fit.

By introducing hiring process automation, these professionals can automate interviews, shortlist resumes, offer-letter management, and many other activities. Thanks to that, automation boosts recruiter productivity.

2. Use a Candidate Screening Software

Recruiters can leverage candidate screening or free applicant tracking system and access advanced AI analytics to receive data-driven insights. These will help them make better-informed decisions and identify the most suitable job applicants, reducing time-to-hire.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Recruiters can remove everything that distracts them and cause them to lose focus while working. These distractions can be anything - from manual resume data entry to scheduling interviews. They can turn off their notifications, put their phone on flight mode, and be present. Also, they can determine their Focus Time and use these hours to complete the most urgent assignments without allowing new tasks or requests to disrupt their attention.

4. Organize Regular Meetings with Hiring Managers to Share Progress

The best way for recruiters to ensure they’re on the same page with hiring managers is to organize weekly meetings and update each other on the progress. That will also help recruiters understand priorities, get valuable suggestions, and improve their efforts.

5. Encourage Your Hiring Managers and Employers to Share Job Postings

Recruiters can reach suitable talents faster if they encourage their employees and hiring managers to share job postings with their network. Most are members of various professional groups and social platforms, allowing them to add skilled candidates to the talent pool and help recruiters accelerate the process.

6. Allow Candidates to Self-Schedule

The recruitment process is faster when candidates have the self-scheduling option and can choose a time slot from the recruiters’ calendar. That also helps increase recruiter productivity, as these professionals don’t have to go back and forth through emails, hoping the find the best interview date for each job applicant.

7. Introduce Remote Interviews

Not every company allows remote interviews, which would help speed up the process. Recruiters can leverage this approach, making interviewing job applicants living abroad or far away from the company’s headquarters easier.


Recruiters often struggle with multiple assignments and deadlines, risking burnout and increased stress. However, if they automate the hiring process and leverage candidate screening software and tools that boost recruiter productivity, they can get more done in less time.

Did you find these tips helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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