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10 Effective and Free Strategies for Recruiting on LinkedIn

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Leveraging LinkedIn: Proven Methods for Recruiting the Best
Leveraging LinkedIn: Proven Methods for Recruiting the Best

LinkedIn stands out as a platform that immediately comes to mind when considering recruitment strategies. As a recruiter or employer, it becomes essential to understand how to recruit on LinkedIn effectively.

Understanding the benefits of recruiting on LinkedIn is crucial before diving into the process. It consistently ranks as a preferred choice for many recruiters and for a good reason. LinkedIn serves as a dedicated social platform specifically designed for professional networking.

Here are 10 cost-effective or free methods to make the most of LinkedIn for your recruitment efforts:

1. Engage with relevant LinkedIn Groups.

Identify and join active groups within your target industry or field. If group rules permit, share job postings in the group feeds to increase visibility.

2. Explore passive candidate profiles.

Search for professionals who have skills and experience similar to the role you are recruiting for. Keep an eye out for individuals who discreetly indicate their openness to new job opportunities, streamlining your recruitment process.

3. Extract insights from competitor companies.

Analyze job postings from leading companies within your industry. Conduct searches on LinkedIn to identify the keywords and phrases they utilize in their listings. By emulating successful strategies, you can enhance the effectiveness of your job postings.

4. Develop an impressive LinkedIn Company Page to strengthen your employer brand.

Begin by understanding the concept of employer branding. Leverage your LinkedIn company page as a platform to showcase your organization's values and culture to potential candidates. This can be accomplished through

  • Curating content tailored for inbound recruiting.

  • Maintaining consistent graphics and header images that reflect your employer brand. Sharing recruitment videos that provide insights into your company culture and work environment.

  • Publishing press releases to highlight essential company updates.

  • Showcasing employee testimonials to showcase the experiences of working within your organization and more!

5. Verify candidates' references and experience through their LinkedIn profiles.

While a candidate's LinkedIn page may not always be completely up-to-date, it can be a valuable source of information, especially if they are actively seeking employment.

6. Leverage LinkedIn messaging effectively.

One innovative approach is using LinkedIn's voice messaging feature instead of conducting a traditional phone screening interview. This method offers convenience and can alleviate some of the stress associated with the initial interview process.

7. Offer candidates the option to apply through LinkedIn.

Providing candidates with the convenience of applying directly through LinkedIn can be highly appealing. However, it's essential to avoid requesting redundant information already available on their LinkedIn profiles.

8. Utilize Talent Acquisition Software to streamline LinkedIn applications and leads.

Employing reliable ATS Software is crucial for efficient and organized recruitment on LinkedIn. It enables you to consolidate and manage all LinkedIn applications, messages, profiles, and other recruitment sources in one centralized platform.

9. Post jobs.

While this option incurs costs, it can be an affordable choice for recruitment.

LinkedIn operates on a pay-per-click model, allowing you to pay only when potential candidates view your job listing. After providing the job details, you will receive a budget recommendation. You can set your desired budget and decide whether to pause the promotion once it reaches the allocated amount or continue until you manually close it.

10. Share job postings on your LinkedIn company page at no cost.

This approach can be advantageous if you have successfully developed your LinkedIn company page to reflect your employer brand and have garnered a sizable and relevant following.

Share a direct link to the job posting on your careers website. This approach offers an efficient and cost-free way to generate visibility and engagement for your job openings on LinkedIn without allocating a budget. While you can sponsor the post to reach a broader audience, simply posting it on your feed comes at no expense.

Leveraging LinkedIn for Optimal Talent Acquisition

Building a robust presence on the platform is crucial to attracting the best hires from LinkedIn. Create a compelling company profile and regularly post job openings. LinkedIn is a popular networking platform for job seekers and recruiters, making it a valuable place to connect with potential candidates.

Ensure consistency between your job descriptions and employer branding on LinkedIn and your careers website. This helps maintain transparency and trust with candidates. Use free ATS to streamline your hiring process, allowing you to track results and adjust as needed.

In addition to posting jobs, focus on networking and creating relevant content that showcases your company's values and culture. Engage with professionals in your industry, join groups, and participate in discussions to expand your network and attract active and passive talent.

By being present, maintaining consistency, leveraging networking opportunities, and showcasing your company's unique qualities, you can make potential candidates interested in working for your organization simply by looking at your LinkedIn feed.

Ready to supercharge your LinkedIn hiring efforts? Try HireTalent free ATS to streamline your recruitment process.


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