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9 Most Important ATS Features to Help You Get Ahead

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Searching for the Perfect ATS? Explore the 9 Essential Features You Should Consider!
Searching for the Perfect ATS? Explore the 9 Essential Features You Should Consider!

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) have various features that can significantly streamline the hiring process. When evaluating an ATS, it's essential to focus on the following 9 key components.

Interesting ATS Features that Streamline Hiring

An ATS should provide the ability to create branded, mobile-optimized careers page. These pages serve as a first impression for potential candidates, so they must effectively communicate the company's values and culture. Look for an ATS that offers fast and free creation of auto-updating careers pages.

2. Employer Branding:

Candidates form opinions about employers based on job descriptions, application forms, careers pages, and communication. A good ATS offers tools to customize these elements and build a consistent employer brand throughout the hiring process. This ensures that you attract and target suitable candidates effectively.

3. Candidate Sourcing:

A powerful talent-sourcing tool is essential for finding suitable candidates to fill your pipeline. Ensure that the ATS offers fast, accurate, and wide-reaching search capabilities. It should aggregate candidate information from multiple online sources into unified candidate profiles. Look for features that allow you to search, add prospects to your ATS account, and contact them directly in just one submission.

An efficient ATS automates video interview scheduling and integrates seamlessly with everyone's calendar. This saves time, provides accurate feedback, and reinforces your employer brand by offering a seamless experience for candidates.

If you're tired of managing hiring data across multiple spreadsheets, emails, job boards, and social media platforms, an ATS with centralized candidate data is crucial. Look for detailed and well-organized candidate profiles that consolidate information from resumes, social profiles, communication history, and interview performance. The ATS should also prompt you to take action when needed, ensuring you stay organized and efficient.

Candidate pre-assessment is vital to the hiring process, allowing employers to identify qualified candidates efficiently. By customizing pre-screening questions to inquire about specific skills, experience, and qualifications, recruiters can streamline the initial candidate evaluation.

These tailored questions enable them to quickly filter out applicants who may not meet the essential requirements for the position. This targeted approach expedites the hiring process and ensures that the selected candidates align closely with the job's demands, ultimately leading to more successful and productive hires. With HireTalent, you can easily configure the assessment sheet for the interview process.

7. Security and Stability:

While functionality is essential, it's equally crucial to ensure that your ATS is secure, resilient, and fully protected. Look for features like data encryption, protection, retention, disaster recovery, uptime, access controls, and compliance measures. Verify that your hiring process and data are in safe and stable hands.

8. Reports and Analytics:

Data is vital for making informed decisions and planning future recruiting strategies. Ensure that your chosen ATS provides detailed and exportable recruiting reports and analytics. These should cover metrics such as time to hire and job board ROI. Access to comprehensive data will help you evaluate and optimize your recruitment efforts.

9. Integration:

Consider whether the ATS integrates with other HR tools and systems you use, such as HRIS or payroll software. Seamless integration between different systems can streamline data management and improve overall efficiency.

Finally, once you've researched and identified an ATS that meets your needs, take advantage of free ATS. This allows you to test the system and see how it handles all the features mentioned above. Pay attention to the user interface, ease of use, and overall user experience. If you find the ATS software enjoyable and intuitive, it indicates that you've found the right fit for your company.

By considering these 9 essential features and thoroughly evaluating potential ATS options, you can make an informed decision that will optimize your hiring process and improve the candidate experience.

About HireTalent

HireTalent is a robust and comprehensive solution that efficiently manages the entire candidate lifecycle - from candidate sourcing and resume screening to interview scheduling and offer management. With its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, HireTalent ensures that no candidate falls through the cracks, enabling recruiters to manage and track candidates at every stage effectively. By providing a centralized collaboration, evaluation, and communication platform, HireTalent empowers hiring teams to make informed decisions and facilitates a seamless candidate experience.


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