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Everything You Should Know About How Companies Hire Recruiters Who Deliver Stellar Results

What You Should Know About Hiring Stellar Recruiters
What You Should Know About Hiring Stellar Recruiters

A recent LinkedIn report has shown a three-times increase in recruiter job ads in 2021 compared to 2020, and 2022 has followed the trend. Therefore, the demand for qualified recruiters is skyrocketing.

But employers still struggle to find suitable matches.

Here are our best tips on how to hire a recruiter who will be a high performer.

1. Qualities That Make Recruiters Suitable for Your Workplace

Determine qualities and characteristics a recruiter should have to be good in their job role and perform their activities well. You will understand who you want to hire when you clearly outline your ideal candidate profile.

  • Accountability - Stellar recruiters can find suitable candidates regardless of available resources and deadlines. Thus, they stand behind their actions if things go awry. For instance, sometimes you'll need to hire an employee urgently but need more tools, time, and budget. But an empowered and accountable recruiter will keep that from getting in their way and will instead overcome the obstacles.

  • Marketing Skills - Qualified recruiters know how to sell available vacancies to top talents. Your recruiters must have top-notch marketing abilities. Recruiters should be masters of identifying an employer's value proposition and writing targeted job ads that call to action. They can also determine job applicants' pain points and use these insights to outline the recruitment process.

  • Confidence - A confident recruiter is essential for success. They can effectively present a company to potential candidates and highlight its strengths.

  • Futuristic Approach - Proactive recruiters start looking for adequate candidates even before promoting the job ad. These professionals keep an eye on industry talents and source candidates for future job roles. They understand what makes a job applicant the right culture fit and would perform well. Hire a recruiter who will develop tight-knit connections with job applicants, evaluate their professional trajectories, and identify whether they're good prospects.

2. Use ATS in Recruitment to Hire Faster

Hire Talent free ATS will make finding the most qualified recruiter much more effortless. For instance, you won't struggle with manual recruitment process management and time-consuming candidate sourcing and screening.

Consider using HireTalent ATS to reduce tedious assignments, increase efficiency, and use your time more meaningfully.

3. Assess Candidates’ Skills with Adequate Tasks

The next step is to test and evaluate candidates' skills and knowledge and determine whether they meet your criteria. Use written assignments to test their accountability, futuristic vision, marketing abilities, and communication skills.

4. Prioritize Competencies Over Experience

Hire candidates for their competencies, not experience. Recruitment dynamics are continuously changing, and a job applicant with years of experience in a given field might not be effective in five years.

Prioritize hiring tech-savvy recruiters who adapt to the market needs and know how to target and engage passive candidates.


Leverage the tips above to win the talent war and stay on top of the competitive recruiter market. Make the most of advanced practices and implement tech solutions to gain a competitive edge in identifying and employing top recruiters.


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