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How a Top-Notch Applicant Tracking System Helps Create a Better Recruiter Experience?

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

A world-class ATS: How it helps with recruiter experience?
A world-class ATS: How it helps with recruiter experience?

Have you noticed this is an experience-centric world? We have candidate experience, employee experience, and customer experience; the list never ends.

That's why talent acquisition often focuses on leveraging an ATS in recruitment to craft a better job applicant experience. But what about the recruiter’s experience, and why do we overlook its importance?

After all, their experience is just as connected with technology. By the phase a recruiter hires a job applicant, they have likely used candidate sourcing tools, matching tech, job boards, an ATS, reference checking, etc.

However, many recruiters are not satisfied with recruitment tech. Talent acquisition professionals are not choosing their technology well.

An Advanced Applicant Tracking System Attracts Top-Performing Recruiters

Many experienced recruiters decline job proposals from organizations that use outmoded technology. After all, their jobs will be significantly more challenging if the ATS they must use is old and without relevant features.

Moreover, if recruiters need to integrate the platform with multiple systems, performing their function will take a lot of work. They will struggle with tech inefficiency, making it harder to fill an available vacancy.

Hence, ambitious recruiters choose to work with organizations using advanced technology to make their job-related activities easier. Employers must invest in more robust tech to increase the odds of attracting top talents.

That will help recruiters be more passionate about finding stellar candidates. A well-rounded and potent tech stack makes talent acquisition smoother and speeds up the process.

How to Have a Better Recruiting Experience

Here are a few ways that using a hiring automation platform makes the job easier:

  • Self-scheduling and calendar integration

  • Automated bulk actions

  • Streamlined UX thanks to a single dashboard

  • Seamless candidate experience

Advantages of a Top-Notch ATS in Recruitment

Access to additional features is magnificent, but how does the saved time translate into practical benefits for recruiters? Here's what they get from advanced technology.

Enhanced Recruiter Productivity

A well-rounded ATS integrated with the tools that help source and screen candidates and schedule interviews will help recruiters handle more job acquisitions simultaneously. The streamlined system enhances and maintains communication with candidates, decreases time spent on each vacancy, and quickly boosts the chance of filling a job.

More Time to Network

ATS platforms allow recruiters to build more relationships with other professionals and talents. They can engage candidates better, as they can pay attention to their goals, prepare them for interviews, and keep them interested in the opportunity.

Job Fit: The Meeting Point of the Recruiter and Candidate Experience

Timing often means everything in recruitment. Candidates will have a better experience if recruiters promptly respond to their job applications and walk them through the selection process.

The schedules will be better coordinated; recruiters will review incoming resumes efficiently and feel more empowered by available hiring tools.


If you need help determining whether an ATS would be the best for you, reach out and let us clear your doubts. Discover how you can enjoy a better recruitment experience and provide the same to the candidates with HireTalent.


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