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How To Make High-Volume Hiring Work For You?

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Tips to Improve Your High-Volume Hiring Process
Tips to Improve Your High-Volume Hiring Process

High-volume hiring, often known as mass recruiting, is the practice of filling positions on a bigger scale than usual in a short period. When an organization needs to expand into new markets or is going through a period of rapid growth, it needs mass hiring.

To solve some of the most frequent high-volume recruitment issues, such as locating top talent quickly and at the lowest possible cost, you must design a well-coordinated hiring process that includes everything from job advertising to onboarding recruits. This is not always an easy task.

This article will provide mass hiring tactics and recommendations for hiring the best talent in the recruiting funnel by automating the tasks via recruitment software. Choose those that best complement your recruitment strategies to meet your objectives without compromising quality or candidate experience.

Create great job descriptions

When advertising high-volume hiring openings, create your content carefully to attract as many qualified candidates as possible quickly. Begin by optimizing your content: Include as many job responsibilities and criteria as possible in job advertisements. If you plan to hire on a large scale, improve your careers page and job descriptions.

Identify your sourcing strategy

It's officially sourcing time now that you've built the ideal applicant profile, defined it in the job description, and have a polished careers page. Finding hundreds of qualified applications through a single platform is difficult. You must scout applicants through various channels and make it simple for them to apply with a click.

Bulk screening of candidate resumes

Using a resume parsing solution to find the relevant applications for you and eliminate the irrelevant ones based on your criteria helps you save time. You'll be able to swiftly filter out applicants who check all the boxes this way.

An applicant tracking system integrated with advanced HR tech tools can help you with volume hiring. A resume parser analyzes a resume and extracts the required information into a structured format for your pipeline, eliminating the need to process candidate information manually.

Automate the job posting and onboarding process

New hire experience is just as crucial as candidate experience. Numerous small tasks may arise when recruiting and onboarding employees in volume; you'll have much paperwork, many questions to answer, and many people to train. Tech automation can be beneficial in this regard.

Provide a tremendous candidate experience

Maintaining a positive candidate experience is one of the most challenging tasks in high-volume recruitment. When you need to screen individuals fast, you may forget to follow up with a candidate after rejecting them during the assessment process and move on to other more pressing duties. This might harm your brand's reputation since these applicants will likely share their thoughts online on sites like Glassdoor and offline with colleagues and peers.


It's critical to remember that even rejected candidates might be valuable assets in your talent pool in the future. Don't get lost in the crowd; stick to your hiring process phases and candidate experience plan, and you'll enjoy the advantages.

High-volume recruiters might expect hundreds, if not thousands, of candidates for a single vacancy, which is terrific for your pipeline but difficult to fill on time.

Automation and tech will prove to be life-saving in this situation. Recruitment software can automate your time-consuming chores like scheduling or communicating with applicants. E.g., sorting candidate resumes from interviewing to onboarding—to free up time for more valuable tasks.

Learn how our free ATS can help you use AI and automation to save time, eliminate manual tasks, and make suitable hires.


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