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Top 7 Strategies for Remote Hiring with Recruitment ATS

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Top 7 strategies included
How ATS eases remote recruitment?

According to Forbes, 74% of professionals anticipate a lasting shift toward remote work. The study reveals that this 74% majority firmly believes that remote work is poised to establish itself as the prevailing mode of work in the foreseeable future. Thus, we expect significant transformations in the landscape of traditional office spaces and co-working environments in the times ahead.

Recruiters are increasingly encountering job applicants who express a preference for remote work and intend to continue with this choice. It's evident that candidates now prefer to pursue job opportunities in the safety and convenience of their own spaces.

The Rising Significance of ATS in Recruitment

The demand for recruitment ATS has reached exceptionally high levels. Recruitment agencies are highly motivated to seek out and engage candidates while nurturing positive relationships with current employees, irrespective of their geographic location or work arrangement.

Recruiters are incorporating remote hiring practices into their operations to align with the evolving "new normal" and to ensure their ongoing success in attracting top talent to the organization. This strategic shift brings forth numerous advantages for the company across various dimensions.

Among these benefits, one notable advantage is the substantial enhancement of the candidate experience. Rather than requiring candidates to make physical office visits, the entire recruitment process can now take place online, providing them the convenience of participating from their homes.

With a wealth of resources accessible on the internet, organizations can optimize their processes to ensure a seamless journey for interested applicants. This includes everything from the initial job application and skills assessment to the final onboarding phase, offering a comprehensive online experience.

Furthermore, remote hiring can have a profoundly positive impact on fostering diversity within your organization. Extending your candidate search beyond the confines of your office's geographic location opens the door to many opportunities to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

This increased diversity can significantly enhance workforce productivity and creativity, as the infusion of fresh ideas often leads to innovation and growth. Beyond these benefits, remote hiring can also contribute to developing a stronger employer brand and a more enriched company culture, yielding fruitful outcomes for your organization.

7 Expert ATS Strategies to Perfect Your Remote Hiring with ATS Software

The pivotal factor lies in utilizing a cloud-based applicant tracking system for recruitment. Equipped with robust and efficient recruiting software, organizations can seamlessly craft a hiring strategy that consistently delivers highly qualified candidates, even in a remote work setup.

With this in mind, it becomes imperative to develop a well-thought-out approach for harnessing the full potential of the recruitment ATS, allowing you to leverage its advantages fully. While remote hiring may pose challenges for some, the recruitment software serves to simplify the process. Here are several strategic considerations to keep in mind:

1. Utilize Multiple Platforms for Posting

Leveraging your recruitment software, you can effortlessly share job postings across various channels with just a single click. Thanks to its robust functionalities, you can cast a wide net to source numerous candidates and efficiently funnel all incoming applications into a centralized hub.

You can post job openings on various job boards, including popular platforms like Indeed, JobsDB, Monster, and LinkedIn. Additionally, it's easy to cross-post these listings on social media platforms, which can be particularly effective for reaching younger demographics.

Furthermore, you can create a branded career page, a powerful tool for attracting and expanding your talent pool.

2. Effortless Coordination with Virtual Interviews

Managing interview logistics, whether in-person or virtual, can be a perplexing and often frustrating task. However, the advantages of remote hiring and virtual interviews are clear. They are more convenient, saving time for both candidates and hiring teams, ultimately leading to quicker hiring processes. Moreover, they are less disruptive and cost-effective, eliminating the need for commutes and minimizing work interruptions.

With the assistance of an ATS, handling virtual interviews becomes a seamless process. An ATS in recruitment streamlines virtual interview coordination, simplifying scheduling by allowing recruiters to view all participants' schedules simultaneously.

3. Embrace Diversity in Your Company

Remote hiring opens the door to diverse applicants from different locations. It empowers recruiters to connect with individuals from various cultural and professional backgrounds.

Welcoming diversity within your organization can yield remarkable results. It prevents stagnation by introducing fresh perspectives and ideas, breaking away from conventional thinking. With new and diverse team members, you can anticipate the emergence of innovative concepts, some of which might be radical enough to drive the transformative change your company seeks.

4. Employ a Variety of Tools for Candidate Evaluation

Remote hiring can present challenges, given the absence of physical interactions for assessing candidates. However, valuable tools are at your disposal to enhance the screening process.

Some ATS platforms offer social media enrichment tools that provide deeper professional insights into candidates by leveraging their social media profiles. It extracts pertinent information from these platforms and seamlessly incorporates it into your ATS database. This integration equips you with a more comprehensive understanding of whether a candidate fits the position.

Driven by AI, we can recommend candidates based on various criteria such as experience, skills, educational background, and more. These tools prove invaluable when seamlessly integrating remote hiring into your recruitment procedures!

5. Maintain Ongoing Candidate Engagement

One of the advantages of utilizing a recruitment ATS is the consolidation of essential information on a single, easily accessible page. This feature proves invaluable for monitoring candidate progress and determining the next steps.

Devise a proactive strategy for continuously engaging with candidates. Demonstrating consistent interest and care for each applicant can significantly enhance their perception of your company. This approach increases the likelihood of candidates joining your organization, particularly if the offer aligns with their expectations and aspirations.

6. Enhance Your Employer Branding via Your Career Page

Given that potential employees primarily assess your company online, ensuring your organization is compelling and appealing is imperative. One effective approach is to enhance your employer branding through your career page.

ATS offers a user-friendly and customizable career page builder at no cost. This tool lets you personalize your career page and showcase compelling details highlighting your business's exceptional work environment.

7. Guarantee an Excellent Candidate Experience

Ensuring a seamless and exceptional candidate experience is crucial in remote hiring. To achieve this, put yourself in the applicant's shoes and consider factors like target audience, language preferences, and simplifying the application process.

A reliable recruitment ATS can streamline the process by optimizing job ad placements and centralizing applications. This ensures efficient communication, interview scheduling, and stakeholder collaboration, ultimately enhancing the remote hiring experience.


In a rapidly evolving landscape where remote work is becoming the norm, the role of ATS in simplifying remote hiring cannot be overstated. As organizations adapt to this "new normal," they must harness the full potential of ATS technology to attract top talent. ATS systems offer multiple advantages, including broad job posting capabilities, effortless virtual interview coordination, and tools for candidate evaluation. Organizations can further optimize their remote hiring processes by embracing diversity, maintaining candidate engagement, enhancing employer branding, and ensuring an excellent candidate experience.

In this era of remote work, ATS is the key to unlocking a global talent pool and fostering innovation through diverse perspectives. As remote hiring continues to reshape the workforce, organizations that leverage ATS effectively will attract the best talent and thrive in this dynamic environment. ATS is no longer just a tool but a strategic imperative for modern recruitment.


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