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What Are The Important Skills That A Recruiter Should Have?

Which crucial skills should a recruiter have?

Writing compelling job descriptions, learning to use recruitment software, assessing job applicants, and shortlisting top talents isn't all recruiters do. They must also grow and adopt new abilities to succeed in the ever-changing world and keep in touch with industry demands.

Here are the essential skills that help recruiters succeed and how to acquire them.

Strategies Skills that HR Professionals Need

A Broader View

It is not enough to solely fill the available vacancies. Instead, recruiters must also consider the big picture when developing talent management and acquisition strategies. That will help them improve the efficiency of their jobs.

Recruiters can develop big-picture thinking by identifying how and where will each new employee fit within the company. Thanks to that, they can suggest to managers how to arrange the team structure.

Moreover, these professionals should adopt skills like designing career-pathing programs and talent pipeline development. These abilities will help them determine entry-level roles that could evolve into senior positions and how to engage passive candidates.

Critical Thinking

Today, recruiters have access to an array of information thanks to the internet and social media. However, not all of them are true or valuable.

Because of that, these professionals must filter data and only evaluate job-related info. Critical thinkers can quickly assess job applicants because they can manage bias.

They can use critical thinking in recruitment by obscuring candidate photos to eliminate gender favoritism or leveraging interview scorecards to ask the same questions to everyone.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Recruitment metrics are crucial because they show whether recruitment efforts give results or require tweaks. Because of that, recruiters should learn to interpret valuable KPIs, such as time-to-hire and quality-of-hire.

They should also know how to turn these insights into action. The following data-driven activities can help recruiters improve this ability:

  • Accelerating the screening process by creating enhanced job descriptions to attract more compatible candidates.

  • Readjust the Human Resources department budget to spend more resources on more efficient hiring channels.

Tech and Social Media

Advanced tech, such as recruitment software, ATS, and calendar management, can increase recruiters' productivity. These professionals should research and introduce tools to help them complete their daily assignments more effortlessly.

They can leverage top-notch tech and social media by trying out a free ATS, sharing relevant tips on their social networks, and maintaining continuous communication with the candidates.

People Skills that HR Professionals Need

Build Relationships

Recruiters should learn to establish trusting connections and resonate with people. They can build lasting relationships by nurturing an active talent pipeline, cultivating resilient work connections, and supporting new employees.

Active Listening

Developing active listening skills should help recruiters understand their managers' and candidates' needs and expectations. To achieve that, they can have regular meetings with the hiring managers to discuss the latest updates, keep an open mind, and learn to read job applicants' body language.


Recruiters should let their hiring managers and candidates know they can rely on them. They can accomplish that by sending regular updates, providing detailed feedback, and being informative about the recruitment process.

Expectations Management

HR professionals must learn to manage expectations to ensure the satisfaction of all parties, and no one expects the impossible. For instance, they can set precise job opening requirements and balance ambitious recruitment objectives.

Recruiting recruiters have a long way to go, from learning the new tech stack to adapting to critical business changes. A hiring automation platform is one crucial aspect of hiring that can help recruiters and HR managers to uplift their hiring game and recruit the best talent.

If you are a recruiter and planning to hire global talent, HireTalent could be your best tool. Are you wondering how a recruitment platform can help you?


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