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What You Need To Know About Applicant Tracking System: From A to Z

Updated: May 4, 2023

The Ultimate Applicant Tracking System Guide
The Ultimate Applicant Tracking System Guide

This ultimate Applicant Tracking System guide will show how an ATS can help you streamline and digitize the recruitment process and achieve top results.

1. The Basics of the Applicant Tracking System

Applicant Tracking Systems replaced outmoded practices, paper resumes, and bureaucratic activities. The software was initially clunky and mirrored the analog procedures, but it evolved, providing more well-rounded features and the ability to automate recruiting.

Today, ATS software is an integral part of the hiring process that helps HR professionals understand and address their recruitment needs and introduce necessary improvements.

2. The Applicant Tracking System Overview

The applicant tracking software helps HR professionals address critical recruitment pain points, streamline hiring processes, identify the most suitable job applicants, and provide better employee onboarding. For instance, recruitment software enables recruiters to post job ads on various job boards with a single click, build and maintain career pages, organize candidate profiles, evaluate resumes, automate recruiting, and schedule interviews.

3. Is an ATS an Adequate Choice for Your Scaling Business?

The best way to understand whether you need recruitment software is to assess your existing recruiting process and whether it requires improvements and modern tools. Consider your pain points and how an ATS could help you remove them.

Most large companies and small businesses have this software, but the latter should use a free ATS or personalize the number of features to be cost-efficient and avoid paying for more than they need.

4. Applicant Tracking System Benefits

Applicant Tracking Systems have numerous advantages, but the following have the most significant impact:

  • Automation helps recruiters save time with tools such as pre-screening and resume submission

  • Standardized metrics and access to data from past recruitment processes open a path to more qualified candidates

  • Efficient features allow HR professionals to standardize their hiring process

  • Compliance with the latest laws and regulations

  • Top-notch candidate assessment reinforces employee retention

  • Better and more personalized candidate experience

5. How to Choose an Applicant Tracking System

Here are the questions to help you decide whether an ATS meets your requirements:

  • Is the ATS compatible with your company profile (e.g., staffing agency, small business, enterprise)?

  • Is it easy to use and offers modern and relevant features?

  • Can you post your job ads on multiple job boards simultaneously with this ATS?

  • What are the search capabilities this ATS has?

  • Does the ATS vendor provide stellar customer support?

  • What type of reporting does this ATS offer?

  • Does the ATS enable a positive candidate experience?

  • Does the hiring platform allow integrations?

Besides, check the vendor's viability, references, and whether the software is mobile-friendly.

6. Essential Recruitment Elements

ATS should cover essential recruitment elements and stages, such as social media integration, referral tracking, and rewards. The platform should also enable you to contact the candidates and maintain regular communication.

Efficient ATS enables candidate management by creating a unique profile for every job applicant, keeping relevant data in one place, and making it easier for recruitment teams to find the needed information. For instance, this platform enables recruiters to instantly find a candidate's feedback, resulting in better decision-making.

7. Managing the Recruiting Process

Applicant Tracking System provides the latest insights into your recruitment efforts, creates relevant reports, and categorizes candidates according to your pre-defined criteria, making the management of the hiring process more efficient.

Many ATS platforms allow you to create a company's career page and highlight your employer branding. That enhances your outreach and helps you attract suitable candidates.

9. Interview Process Management

Even though an ATS can't guide HR professionals through the interview process, it helps with standardization. Besides, this software also enables recruiters to schedule interviews, giving them time to prepare.

10. Requirements Evaluation

Consider whether an ATS corresponds to all your requirements before subscribing or purchasing. Check what kinds of integrations it enables and whether it provides recruiting analytics, security data, data ownership, search functionality, customization, and evaluate software performance.

11. Applicant Tracking System Features Checklist

Every software is an investment. But identify whether an ATS ticks off all the boxes on your checklist before making the final decision. Evaluate its features and compare the most compatible solutions to help you choose the right software.

About HireTalent

HireTalent is a valuable resource for recruiters and hiring managers. It is an applicant tracking software that assists you in managing your complete recruitment process and storing candidate information digitally.

It is an easy-to-use recruiting software that helps you with candidate onboarding, interview scheduling, and unbiased global hiring. Interested to know more about HireTalent?


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