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Are You Ready to Implement a New Applicant Tracking System?

Do you need a new applicant tracking system?
Do you need a new applicant tracking system?

The recruitment process has been revolutionized by integrating technology, especially with the widespread use of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These systems were introduced in the 1990s to simplify recruitment and make recruiters' work more manageable.

Over the years, the digital transformation of the recruitment industry has led to the development of hundreds of ATS solutions, providing a diverse range of options for end-users. Despite the many available choices, some organizations still need to adopt an AI-powered hiring automation platform, while others are not getting the desired return on investment from their current systems.

It's important to note that every ATS is designed to address a specific issue in the recruitment process or cater to a particular organization size. If you feel that your ATS needs to fulfill its potential, it may be because your system needs to be updated or suitable for your organization's needs. Seven indicators that you need to evaluate a new ATS solution:

1. Scattered Candidate Data

The candidate database is the foundation of the entire recruitment process, and recruiters receive thousands of resumes and profiles daily. If this data is not organized and easy to search, recruiters can waste valuable time searching through multiple sheets or sifting through the ATS to find the right candidate. A modern ATS should provide search results that are easy to understand and relevant to the recruiter's needs without being cluttered with irrelevant matches or duplicates.

2. Time-Consuming Job Advertising

Suppose you still rely on third-party sites to advertise job openings, manually update your career pages, or spend significant money on job boards. In that case, it's time to upgrade to a new ATS. A modern ATS should allow you to quickly post job openings and advertise them on multiple sites with a single click, saving time and effort.

3. Inability to Track Recruiter Performance

Many staffing leaders must pay more attention to tracking and reporting in the recruitment process, making it difficult to analyze performance and make data-driven decisions. A modern ATS should provide visibility into the recruiter's performance and productivity, enabling hiring managers to evaluate their team's performance and make improvements.

4. Lack of Branding Investment

If you're starting to build your brand and create a voice as an employer but haven't been able to get started, a new ATS could be the solution. Integrating the system with your career pages and social media sites can help you build an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) that attracts candidates, promotes diversity and inclusion, and positions you ahead of your competitors.

5. Insufficient Support from ATS Provider

A simplified hiring process leads to better performance and faster candidate placement, and the support of your ATS vendor is crucial to this. A modern ATS should provide ample training, support, and regular product updates with dedicated support to ensure a smooth and efficient recruitment process.

6. Inability to Engage with Leads and Candidates

A Recruitment CRM capability within your ATS enables recruiters to automate and centralize their communication process. With the CRM integrated into the ATS, recruiters can manage client relationships and maintain a strong talent pool through consistent candidate engagement. This includes syncing all communication, such as emails, calls, and meeting notes, and creating automated workflows to send out triggered communications.

7. Unsure about Expanding Your Talent Pool

Are you exhausted from the constant challenge of finding the perfect candidates for your company? Accessing passive candidates is crucial to building a better talent pool, but managing them can be overwhelming.


HireTalent is a modern hiring automation platform that offers an end-to-end solution for staffing companies and hiring organizations to streamline recruitment processes and find talent faster. With HireTalent, free ATS, you can easily nurture candidates, build an organized talent pool and build your career page.

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual resume data entry and hello to a more efficient and organized recruitment process. It's time to upgrade your system and future-proof your operations with HireTalent.


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