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Drive Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity in Your Hiring Process with AI

Updated: May 19, 2023

Make hiring more diverse, inclusive & equitable with AI
Make hiring more diverse, inclusive & equitable with AI

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are the crucial elements of an engaging workplace that thrives on growth and innovation. Thus, companies that prioritize inclusive recruitment are inherently more profitable.

Hence, it isn't only what feels and is correct and the smartest thing you can do for your business.

But despite being necessary, it takes time to create an inclusive hiring process. HR teams encounter multiple difficulties in crafting their recruitment strategies, including unwitting bias. Because of that, they turn to tech solutions, such as an AI-powered free ATS, aiming to reduce prejudices and favoritism. Moreover, AI helps drive diversity, inclusion, and equity from step one until the final stage.

The Difference Between Diversity and Inclusion

Inclusion and diversity are similar, but they're not interchangeable terms. Sadly, a workplace can be diverse without being inclusive.

Diversity is about recruiting professionals with different characteristics, such as gender, age, and race, and with less apparent traits, including experiences, unique capabilities, and background. On the other hand, inclusion is about treating these individuals the same, despite their differences, providing them with the same opportunities, benefits, and options.

Why it's Essential to Develop and Nurture a Diverse Workforce?

Inclusive recruitment has various advantages influencing the business bottom line, such as:

  • It helps attract more job applicants

  • It helps reduce employee turnover

  • It increases productivity

  • It enhances creativity, motivation, and a sense of belonging

  • It boosts revenues

These advantages correlate with improved employee output and lowered recruitment costs, directly impacting a company's finances.

How an AI-Driven Free ATS Improves Diversity Hiring and Enhances Inclusive Recruitment?

AI helps improve diversity and inclusion in recruitment in multiple ways. However, the most significant impact manifests in the ability to lower unconscious and conscious bias. Traditional hiring methods often allow prejudices and inclinations to pass unnoticed, affecting the outcome.

But AI-powered free ATS improves candidate sourcing and screening, ensuring equal consideration and treatment of all job applicants based on meritocracy.

AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

AI allows you to reach more diverse candidates and establish an inclusive pipeline. Thanks to AI sourcing, you ensure all job applicants have equal access to available vacancies and that their demographic characteristics do not influence the recruitment process.

Thus, AI solutions can help you assess whether your candidate and workforce makeup are diverse and if your efforts match your DEI objectives. Finally, advanced ATS enables you to craft more varied and inclusive job ads by eliminating gendered and biased language and terms. That is necessary for attracting and retaining diverse top talents.

AI-Driven Candidate Screening

AI-powered hiring automation platform will keep unconscious bias out of the hiring process. For instance, some resume data (e.g., school, location, dates) can trick recruiters into unwitting favoritism and assumptions, hindering diversity.

But AI-driven platforms ensure HR professionals don't consider this information. That helps nurture a more objective and inclusive recruitment process.

Moreover, AI will prevent positive bias. That way, recruiters will not favor job applicants similar to them. People often assume that individuals sharing the same background or demographic characteristics will be more suitable for the job.

Finally, AI will help you track and measure your efforts regarding your DEI goals. You will gain access to advanced data to identify whether your recruitment process is inclusive and free of barriers for everyone.


HireTalent is an AI-driven recruiting platform with numerous features that allow you to prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity. It will ensure you hire candidates based on their compatibility with the job, motivation, and capabilities.


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