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How Can A Small Business Benefit From An Applicant Tracking System?

Updated: May 16, 2023

Do you need an ATS for your small business?

Many small businesses still rely on spreadsheets and email to attract new candidates and manage the hiring process. That should be no surprise, as these tools are inherently easy to use, and most people know about them.

Thus, if you have a smaller HR department (or none), you're likely not used to numerous incoming job applications and queries. Because of that, you might think tapping into new technology is unnecessary, as you can handle everything manually. Hence, you might wonder why you need ATS software in recruitment - it might impose new costs on you or be too complex to use.

After all, that's how many small business owners think. But even if you own a small or mid-sized business, an ATS can still make a difference in your success. Here's why.

A Single Integrated Solution

Your company likely uses multiple programs to hire job applicants, such as email, physical applications, calendars, and spreadsheets. But that can cause you to lose essential candidate information, overlook or misplace it.

But an ATS allows you to keep and access all data in a single dashboard. Thus, most systems enable integration with other apps.

Improved Candidate Experience

It doesn't take being a human resources expert to determine what job seekers loathe in today's recruitment process. They hate lengthy job applications and recruiters ghosting them.

An ATS can simplify your job application process and make providing feedback swifter. That would positively impact the candidate experience, which is more significant than ever.

Job applicants want respect, even if that means hearing the ugly truth and being rejected. But talent acquisition software would make communication much easier, ensuring everyone is updated.

Expand Your Talent Pool

You will need a wider net if you want to catch more fish. That's among the main objectives of an ATS. It lets you publish a job ad on multiple sites simultaneously, giving you access to more potential candidates. Perhaps these professionals wouldn't see your job ad otherwise.

Thus, an ATS enables you to manage larger talent pools, which might initially sound intimidating. For instance, resume-parsing tech is ideal for pushing the most compatible job applicants to the top of the suggestions list.

Moreover, using ATS software in recruitment can give the necessary boost by maintaining your job ads fresh and relevant throughout your pursuit. As a result, you'll continue receiving resumes from many qualified and interested candidates.

Grow with your Company

An ATS can be your best support when growing and scaling up. For instance, it helps you streamline your recruitment processes, ensuring your HR department is not overwhelmed.

Thus, your business will need a captivating brand to grow. ATS systems typically offer branded career pages and templates.

Besides, this platform will reinforce your business strategies and ensure you finish everything on time. Undoubtedly, an ATS will have a positive impact, regardless of your number of employees.


Even though the importance of hiring automation in recruitment depends on your needs and size, this platform can benefit every business. Small businesses can enjoy the advantages of this software just as much, if not more, as large companies.

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