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How to Find Candidates through Job Boards and Resume Databases

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

How To Find The Right Candidates From Job Boards
How To Find The Right Candidates From Job Boards

Many progressive and action-oriented recruiters are embracing online methods to search for resumes. This strategy is pivotal because many prospective candidates might need more visibility into a company's ongoing recruitment initiatives. As a result, these individuals might need to be made aware of the array of job openings at hand. To enhance the efficiency of candidate sourcing, here are some valuable tips for adeptly retrieving resumes from online job boards. These platforms function as dual channels: they provide employers with spaces to post job vacancies while enabling recruiters to discover potential candidates actively. This symbiotic relationship empowers recruiters to identify and engage with promising individuals for their upcoming staffing needs.

Why opt for candidate sourcing on a job board?

1. Job boards offer extensive candidates

A Job board serves a dual purpose beyond being a platform for employers to list job openings. They also function as repositories where candidates upload their resumes, enabling recruiters to discover them conveniently. This resume database proves particularly effective for individuals who may not be actively job hunting but remain receptive to exploring fresh career prospects.

2. Minimize screening duration

Recruiters can set specific and exclusion criteria when posting a job advertisement. This approach ensures that only relevant profiles are delivered to their inbox. Instead of sifting through a large volume of resumes, recruiters can focus on assessing those that align with the essential prerequisites they have established.

3. Connect with job seekers halfway

Job boards provide a level playing field for candidates and recruiters to connect. Recruiters gain access to well-suited resumes, while candidates receive alerts regarding job opportunities that align with their preferences. Including automated notifications streamlines the process of resume searching, benefiting all parties involved.

How Can You Boost Your Presence on Job Boards?

1. Select Optimal Keywords

Individuals looking for employment might only search some job boards where you post listings. At times, they may find it simpler to search on a search engine using relevant keywords directly. While terms like 'sales superstar' might be appealing, they might not appear in job seekers' search results if they use phrases like 'sales executive' or 'sales associate.'

2. Create Compelling Job Listings

Suppose individuals previously subscribed to a job portal receive an email regarding a new job vacancy, despite no longer actively seeking new employment. A compelling and informative job advertisement could pique their interest in such a scenario. Even if they are no longer in the market for a new job, they might still find your job ad appealing enough to share it with other qualified potential candidates.

3. Update Your Information

It's crucial to maintain transparency and refrain from giving candidates false impressions of available job positions that don't exist. The most effective approach is to make a distinct impression with each new job advertisement whenever a genuine opportunity arises within your company. To nurture your talent pool, consider creating a job ad for 'upcoming opportunities,' which can motivate individuals to submit their resumes for potential future openings. You might also outline the typical roles you frequently recruit for and the key attributes you value in potential team members.


In a world where talent sourcing is paramount, job boards stand as stalwart companions. Their impact is undeniable, offering an extensive talent reservoir, expediting the screening process, and acting as a bridge between seekers and recruiters. Strengthening your foothold within this dynamic landscape requires a three-fold approach: meticulously chosen keywords, magnetic job listings, and up-to-date credentials. By weaving these elements into your strategy, you're unlocking a treasure trove of potential and fortifying your recruitment journey. The stage is set – step onto the job boards, where talent and opportunity converge, and position yourself for unparalleled sourcing success.

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