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Top 5 Modern Techniques Recruiters Use for Sourcing Candidates

The top five sourcing methods used by recruiters today
Top 5 sourcing methods used by recruiters today

The talent shortage has caused recruiters to have a hard time with candidate sourcing methods and finding those with relevant skills. Thus, the most qualified job applicants are highly sought after, making the job even harder.

On top of that, a limited number of compatible professionals actively look for opportunities. So, how can you reach talented candidates?

That is where top-notch candidate sourcing strategy across multiple channels enters the picture. This article delves into the best recruitment practices using the five most efficient candidate sourcing channels.

1. Using Online Job Boards to Effectively Source Candidates

Job boards allow you to advertise your job ads. That's also the most efficient way to find candidates actively seeking vacancies.

Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn are the most significant employment sites and networks for job postings. For instance, 20 million candidates seek jobs on LinkedIn weekly and over 250 million on Indeed.

Moreover, millions of job hunters use Monster, AngelList, and Naukri. Craft a compelling job description to encourage more qualified job applicants to apply.

That will help you improve your talent pool and develop a talent database for the future. However, you can also use a free ATS to post multiple job ads on various employment sites in a single click.

2. Sourcing Top Candidates Using a Captivating Careers Page

Leverage your employer branding to attract more job applicants to your career page. Craft crisp, concise, and captivating content to highlight your company website.

That will improve job applicants' first impression of your workplace. They will be more interested in your job openings when they perceive you as a stellar employer.

Many recruiters use ATS in recruitment to build career pages and enhance their candidate sourcing efforts. You can use it as a foundation for developing an appealing career page, ensuring your recruiters don't have to create it from scratch.

3. Using Recruitment Databases to Source Candidates

Compile and organize candidate resumes using multiple channels to develop and maintain your database.

(a) Internal Database

Instead of using a spreadsheet, recruiters prefer a top-notch free ATS. Use HireTalent ATS to import and manage job applicants' resumes.

You can turn to your internal database with every new job requirement. Sort past job applications to choose candidates who successfully reached the final recruitment phase, saving you significant time and freeing you up for more meaningful tasks.

(b) Online Recruitment Database

Use online recruitment databases to search for CVs and contact a significant pool of qualified job seekers. For instance, Indeed resume search offers an online recruitment database with robust search filters and millions of resumes.

You can contact job applicants who meet your criteria. However, it would be best if you chose your plan, as each has different pricing.

4. Leveraging Referrals for Candidate Sourcing

Employee referral is among the most efficient job applicant sourcing methods. Leverage your personal and professional network to find compatible candidates.

That will increase the odds of hiring a reliable job applicant who will stay with your company for a long time. But you will also reduce the hiring time and boost the candidate conversion rate.

5. Sourcing Candidates Using Recruitment Agencies

You can always contact a recruitment agency specializing in your industry. They craft job descriptions based on your specific requirements.

Thus, recruitment agencies use experts to source candidates on different channels. They evaluate incoming job applications and introduce the most compatible job applicants to the companies.

That helps you save time you'd spend on managing job applications instead. However, every recruitment agency charges a fee for candidate sourcing.


Candidate sourcing is among the most time-consuming challenges in recruitment. Use it strategically, define the ideal candidate profile, and use HireTalent, free ATS, to hire the best match.


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