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Top 11 Ways You Can Use an ATS to Ensure Your Company Saves Money

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

11 Ways to Use  an ATS & Save Your Company Money
11 ways to use an ATS & save your company money

Business and HR leaders typically must meet the requirement of doing more with less, regardless of whether their company is scaling up or undergoing budget cuts. Every company aims to make money, and people are necessary for that. But an ATS will help you get the most qualified professionals faster.

An adequately configured ATS helps save resources by enhancing recruiter productivity, hiring speed, employee retention, and compliance. Let's see how using an ATS in recruitment will ensure your company saves money while recruiting top talents.

1. Interview Scheduling Automation

Scheduling interviews often take recruitment coordinators and recruiters significant time. However, HireTalent free ATS provides an automated scheduling system, helping you increase the number of employees and efficiency.

2. Candidate Screening Automation

Chatbots that allow text messaging will ensure you reach more job applicants, assess them quickly, and schedule job interviews without wasting time on calls. Thanks to that, you can process more job applications in less time.

3. Streamline Recruitment Processes

Automate tedious, everyday tasks and accelerate your recruitment processes. A consistent assessment strategy encompassing desired behaviors, skills, and competencies will help you make better-informed decisions.

Moreover, using an ATS in recruitment helps you choose more compatible candidates and eliminate costs you might be spending on employee turnover.

4. Enhanced Reporting Relevancy

Advanced dashboards and analytics will help you assess your recruitment efficiency and identify if some processes cause you to lose candidates. That way, you can pinpoint and eliminate potential roadblocks before they cause trouble.

An advanced free ATS will allow you to send job offers on the same day candidates can digitally sign them. Thanks to these configurable proposals, you won't lose job applicants to faster companies and waste resources on finding other candidates.

6. Candidate Data Retention and Consent Automation

You must ensure that job applicants consent to every interaction with your team, as non-compliance is expensive. Your system should also have configurations that manage candidate data retention automatically and according to relevant laws and regulations.

7. Empower Employee Referrals and Internal Mobility

Enhance your employee experience and boost retention and morale with an ATS that streamlines referrals and job searches. That will help your employees find relevant opportunities within a company and apply for or recommend a suitable match.

8. Promote in Adequate Places

A modern ATS allows AI-driven ad spend adjustments, ensuring you always know how you spend your money. Manage your contracts in a single dashboard and optimize real-time advertising money-spending.

9. Boost Your Employer Brand

Every investment in career pages and employer branding makes a difference and can save you money. Use an ATS to showcase your company culture, values, and growth opportunities.

10. Streamline Your Hiring Tech Stack

ATS systems often come with a CRM, giving you access to advanced analytics and a dashboard that keeps recruitment, internal mobility, referrals, and onboarding in one place.

11. Integrate with Money and Time-Saving Tools

Your free ATS might not be capable of doing everything, but it allows integration with other relevant tools, ensuring you save money and time. For instance, reference checking, AI-centric candidate sourcing, and background verification are among the solutions that will help you be more efficient and spend less time.


An ATS affects how much time you spend finding the most compatible job applicants, which is time that translates into money. Reach out to us to discover how we can help your organization save money and time by developing a more efficient TA process.


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