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Top 5 Technical Skills Every HR Should Know

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Are you an HR? Check out these 5 Essential Technical Skills you must have
Are you an HR? Check out these 5 Essential Technical Skills you must have

The HR industry continuously evolves and adapts to the current scenario. But the previous years have been more transformative than any other. Nearly every sector changed how they do business and interact with customers and employees. Remote work and hiring became a priority, and digital transformation underwent a rapid boom.

These changes profoundly impacted HR professionals and how to perform their jobs successfully and adjust to the post-pandemic world. Job seekers have higher expectations and more offers, giving them an advantage over recruiters. The Great Resignation has also encouraged people to quit their jobs and look for better-paid opportunities, especially in the technical field.

As a result, HR professionals might see a higher influx of potential candidates and must have the knowledge and tech competencies to detect the best match. Here are the abilities they should possess.

Five Essential Technical Skills HR Professionals Should Have

1. Automated Recruitment

Automated recruitment is the future of hiring, as it helps accelerate processes and make jobs easier for recruiters. HR professionals should be familiar with human resource software, such as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS).

These tech systems automate repetitive and manual tasks and workflows, boosting productivity and reducing the time to hire and recruitment costs. Recruiters and hiring managers should understand how to use an applicant tracking system to identify the most suitable candidates, speed up onboarding, and provide a better candidate experience.

2. Managing Employee Performance

Without stellar talent management, HR professionals will struggle with aligning their strategies with overall business objectives and missions. That is necessary for workforce planning, talent attraction, candidate selection, HR development, and employee retention.

HR professionals should learn to use employee talent management software and add this integration to their tech infrastructure. This tech helps track employees within the company, find needed information fast, manage their performance, and detect and eliminate roadblocks obstructing employee development.

3. Knowledge of Recruiting Dashboards

The principal benefit of recruiting dashboards is that they help HR teams and professionals understand various aspects of the recruitment process. For instance, it helps track business brand KPIs and identify job seekers' interest in working with an organization.

Dashboards also help visualize critical data, such as time-to-hire, acceptance rate, and how candidates move through the pipeline. HR professionals can streamline processes and tweak their strategies more efficiently with knowledge of recruiting dashboards.

4. Social Media Networks

Social media platforms have a significant role in recruitment and reaching top talents. Young Millennials and Generation Z are avid users and often apply for jobs through their phones and while navigating Facebook and Instagram.

Every HR professional should understand how to engage with job seekers on social media and polish their LinkedIn profiles. Moreover, it's crucial to know what kind of content to post and how to integrate social media with job boards and recruitment ATS.

5. Data-Driven Decision Making Based on Advanced Analytics

Using ATS in recruitment gives access to advanced AI analytics and insights that help HR professionals understand the background context of KPIs and improve their strategies. The information found in HR systems is essential for data-driven decision-making and more efficient recruitment.

Hence, HR professionals should know how to navigate the analytics dashboards and use the insights they receive. That can also help align their operations and plans with business strategies and desired outcomes.


Attracting, identifying, and retaining the most suitable candidate in a rapidly changing world and talent market is challenging. By acquiring relevant technical skills, HR professionals can make the most of their tech platforms, improve decision-making, and enhance recruitment quality.

HireTalent can help you acquire all these skills. It is an AI-Powered free applicant tracking software for global hiring, empowering companies to source, select, and appoint talent.

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imtiyaz sofi
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