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Take Advantage Of ATS Automation And Drive Recruiting Efficiency Now!

Updated: May 19, 2023

Drive Recruiting Efficiency With ATS Automation!

Is there a recruiter who wouldn't wish to have an additional 1000 hours of productivity at their disposal? - Here's the catch: they don't have only to wish.

Using an ATS in recruitment will help them save time and be more productive without sacrificing sleep or their free time. Recruiters no longer must schedule interviews, stalk hiring managers for feedback, and screen resumes manually.

After all, they only have limited time to complete all their tasks. It's unfair to force recruiters to struggle with an unreasonable work volume and hours. Instead, companies can go down the path of a free ATS and automate recruiting. Here's how.

10 Ways to Boost Recruiting Productivity with an ATS

1. Job Ad Distribution

An ATS typically has a built-in job ad distribution, allowing HR professionals and recruiters to publish one job position across multiple job boards via one click due to the multifunctional dashboard. Thanks to that, they can boost their job outreach without putting in extra effort, time, or resources.

2. Resume Assessment

Many organizations need to remember that they have many resumes in their database, which could represent a goldmine. But they often require more resources or time to review these CVs manually, failing to expand their talent pool.

On the other hand, a free ATS can automatically screen all available resumes.

Meanwhile, recruiters can focus on other value-generating tasks, such as shortlisting top candidates and moving them through the pipeline.

3. AI Competencies Matching

Your existing workers might already possess the necessary skills for the new job opening. An ATS would help evaluate the best matching profiles and send AI-driven recommendations.

As a result, you could skip recruitment and save money and resources. Instead, you could reskill employees and transition them to the new job role.

4. Top-Notch Text Campaigns

You can use a top-notch ATS to send re-engagement campaigns, nudges, and text to your talented network, keeping your connections nurtured and alive. Thus, the software allows ongoing engagement with the candidate due to its conversational features.

5. Job Applicant Self-Scheduling

A stellar ATS typically allows job applicants to schedule timeslots with recruiters in periods that work for both parties. Calendar integrations will help eliminate errors and send reminders timely, making cancellations less likely.

Consider sending an invitation to job applicants to schedule an interview or record themselves answering the structured questions. An ATS typically allows both formats, making it easy for recruiters to evaluate, give feedback, and manage the hiring process in a single dashboard.

7. Job Interview Feedback

Recruiters can use the ATS to confirm jobs and send interview feedback. The review will appear immediately in a candidate's profile, making communication more efficient.

8. Simplified Workflows with Bulk Actions

Automated workflows within the ATS help streamline the recruitment process and reduce the number of tedious administrative tasks. For instance, the system can update job applicant stages in real-time.

9. Offer Letters

Sending customized offer letters to job applicants is among the best features of automated workflows. Pre-approved and pre-designed templates accompanied by e-signature capabilities ensure compliance and make the process faster.

10. Powerful Analytics

Data-driven analytics give recruiters the necessary insights into the recruitment process, such as DEI benchmarks and metric success. That way, they can make strategic decisions and improve their efforts.


Recruiters no longer need to rush to achieve everything and have little time for their personal lives. Instead, they can leverage a free ATS and get more done in less time.

Find out how HireTalent can help you save time and simplify recruitment.


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