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Top 4 Tips to Effectively Utilize Your HR Tech Stack

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

HR Tech Stack: How to Make the Most of It?
HR Tech Stack: How to Make the Most of It?

Most human resources leaders invest in technology to manage their biggest recruitment challenges – enhancing data analytics for their HR teams, modernizing hiring processes by moving to the cloud, handling hybrid work, and winning the talent war. These investments may be a part of improving the efficiency and accuracy of their strategies or due to a broad tech transformation.

Whether HR leaders aim to increase the odds of finding the most suitable candidate or reinforce their tech infrastructure, technology plays one of the central roles in recruitment today. It helps recruiters and hiring managers streamline their activities, manage their remote workforce, align their objectives with business strategies, and speed up their procedures.

According to a PwC report, 37 percent of respondents already use HR technology to monitor remote work and productivity, and 22 percent plan to implement it soon. Another survey found that 63 percent of recruiters said that using AI for recruiting changed how they hire in their organization.

Hence, having top-notch technology infrastructure can help you improve efficiency and reach your HR and business goals. Here's how to use it to its full potential.

Top 4 Tips on How to Get the Most of Your Tech Stack

1. Use Your ATS to Accelerate Recruitment

Time-to-hire is often crucial in recruitment because recruiters risk spending more resources than they plan and losing top candidates to a faster company if it takes too long. Because of that, it's necessary to ease the process as much as possible and not drag out their activities.

It's best to be efficient from the get-go and weed out incompatible job applications in the first recruitment stage. That's where your talent acquisition software enters the picture.

Use it to remove resumes that misalign with your ideal candidate profile automatically. Activate tools that instantly identify the most compatible resumes from your talent pool with your company culture and job requirements and invite them for an interview.

2. Leverage Your Free Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to Get In-Depth Analytics

According to PwC, 39 percent of HR professionals say data analytics is their greatest challenge. Explore the power of your ATS by unlocking in-depth AI-driven analytics. These will highlight crucial insights concerning your job applicants, showing matching scores and improving decision-making. That will help you avoid second-guessing and going back and forth while checking whether a candidate has all it takes to be the right fit.

3. Automate Your Recruitment Processes to Boost Efficiency

Use free applicant tracking software to automate manual tasks that take valuable time, yet you can let AI take charge of them. These advanced tools will automate interviews and other demanding responsibilities, such as offer-letter management.

As a result, you'll ensure recruitment consistency and quality and avoid accidental mistakes that often hinder hiring outcomes. Moreover, you'll also be able to focus on more strategic and value-generating activities that keep the business running and maintain its success.

4. Improve Your DE&I Strategies with Intelligent Resume Parsing

Diversity and inclusion are essential to employee satisfaction, performance, and efficient team collaboration. Because of that, an efficient tech stack will provide tools to nurture a balance between a productive and diverse workforce.

Use intelligent resume parsing to waive recruiters' unconscious bias, preferences, and gut instincts. This tool will help you hire candidates based on merit, motivation, qualifications, and compatibility, fostering equity and reinforcing your DE&I strategies.

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