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Use AI-Driven Recruitment Software to Reduce Time-to-Hire and Increase Efficiency

Updated: May 30, 2023

How can AI improve your recruitment process?
How can AI improve your recruitment process?

The labor market has become inherently candidate-driven, giving them an upper hand in recruitment. Combined with generally low retention rates, that poses a significant challenge for recruiters - how to reduce time-to-hire without impacting the quality.

Yet, many companies still enforce manual processes in candidate screening and sourcing, prolonging their activities and making it impossible to hire job applicants faster. However, a lengthy selection process could easily cause job applicants to look elsewhere.

Make the Most Out of AI-Driven Recruitment Software to Reduce Time-to-Hire

AI-driven recruitment software helps automate dull and manual tasks and accelerate the candidate sourcing and screening phase. Moreover, these platforms can even enhance the talent pool quality.

Thanks to that, you can lower time-to-hire, recruit top-notch job applicants, and maintain top talents.

What is Time-to-Hire?

Time-to-hire represents the days between when a job applicant applied for a position and when they accepted the job proposal. That is an invaluable metric, giving recruiters insights into how much time passes between when they publish a job ad, receive the first job applications, and hire the best match.

Different companies might have different methods of measuring it, but the outcome should always be the same - removing unnecessary delays in the selection process and retaining the best candidates.

6 Advantages of Reducing Time-to-Hire

  • Saves resources and time

  • Helps prevent fatigue and burnout

  • Increase the acceptance rate

  • Helps reach high-quality candidates

  • Boosts productivity in HR professionals

  • Improves candidate experience

Top 3 Ways to Reduce Time-to-Hire with AI-Driven Recruitment Software

Recruiters often receive many resumes, but not all of them are quality. Because of that, they need more efficient methods to assess job applicants' data. AI-driven recruitment platform provides the following solutions:

AI-Driven Candidate Sourcing

AI-enabled matching allows recruiters to find internal job applicants more easily and promote internal mobility. It also helps them locate top talents with AI-driven resume harvesting within job boards.

Besides, platforms relying on AI semantic search make identifying internal candidates with the necessary skills, experiences, and ambitions easier. Thanks to that, recruiters can intelligently connect jobs with compatible job applicants. But AI-driven matching also finds similar candidates. Finally, recruiters can use external sources to match jobs due to the AI-enabled ranking.

AI-Driven Candidate Screening

Nothing is as crucial as identifying candidates with abilities, experiences, and education that match your job ad. AI-driven recruitment software will help you do that and assess their compatibility with pre-screening chatbots.

Automated Engagement

AI-enabled recruitment software will help you create more attractive, concise, and compelling job descriptions for available vacancies. - It automates multiple elements of candidate engagement from phase one until it successfully ends.

Besides, this platform will help save time, keep track of candidates, and keep them updated.


AI-driven recruitment software will help you hire both faster and smarter. That is essential for maintaining a successful business with stellar results.

If you're interested in discovering more details about how AI can help you reduce time-to-hire, reach out to us!


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