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7 Things You Need to Know About Hiring Automation Platform or ATS

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

7 Benefits of using a Hiring Automation Software
7 Benefits of using an applicant tracking system

An ATS software automates and organizes each phase of the hiring process, making it simpler to interact with competent prospects more quickly. The following are the advantages of using a recruitment platform for your talent acquisition strategy:

1. Automate time-consuming and tedious administrative activities.

The sheer quantity of effort necessary is one of the most challenging aspects of acquiring new employees. It is far more than merely scanning applications and developing a list of questions to ask during an interview. It entails job postings for job seekers to locate, follow-up messaging, interview scheduling, and other time-consuming procedures. An applicant tracking system can end all these challenges and help you from workforce planning to interviews to onboarding.

2. Bid farewell to non-competent candidates and save time

When hiring a good candidate, there are many factors to consider. Isn't it? A recruitment platform integrated with a resume parser assists you in finding suitable candidates and filtering out the irrelevant ones with ease.

3. Shorten the recruitment cycle and time to hire

Streamlining the recruiting cycle and decreasing time-to-hire reduces the distraction of hiring efforts while increasing productivity. Collecting and analyzing recruiting analytics allows you to gain valuable insights into your hiring process and identify possible bottlenecks. Using an ATS to gather and report data can assist in answering important questions about how your company handles hiring and improvements that can be made to accelerate the process.

4. Improve employer branding

The primary goal of the hiring process is to hire skilled candidates. But have you considered attracting relevant talent without good branding activities? Great branding helps you attract top talent. When candidates have a positive candidate experience with your organization, it conveys to the candidates that your company is established, professional, and trustworthy.

5. Improves the candidate experience

An ATS software can also streamline the hiring process from the candidate's viewpoint. Candidates may begin the application process through mobile or desktop, receive follow-up information that keeps them informed, and have better schedule flexibility. Using an ATS benefits your company and its potential employees by making the process easier and helping keep all the stakeholders informed along the route.

6. Put a stop to hiring bias

Creating consistency in the talent acquisition process helps prevent hiring bias. An ATS software guarantees that everyone follows the same procedures, protecting applicants (and employers) from the potential of unconscious prejudice. Eliminating unconscious bias in the employment process opens the possibility of picking from a broader talent pool.

7. Measuring, reporting, and improving

Good data may help you make better judgments. The ability to collect and report recruitment analytics can aid in improving the hiring process and the quality of hire. Metrics such as time of hire, applicant sources, and diversity surveys may help you correctly assess the efficiency and efficacy of your hiring process.

If you are looking for a free applicant tracking system to help you manage the entire recruitment process from interview to onboarding, your search ends at HireTalent.


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