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Knowing These 8 Techniques Will Make Your Recruiting Process Better

Updated: May 11, 2023

Knowing These 8 Techniques Will Make Your Recruiting Process Better

What makes your recruiting process demanding and energy-consuming? Most recruiters struggle with some assignments and activities today, as this process has become increasingly complex.

However, their difficulties may depend on the industry and company size. Yet, the majority would agree that some undertakings are more challenging than others.

8 Common Hiring Challenges and How to Overcome Them

1. Attracting Compatible Candidates

As a recruiter, you likely know how difficult it can be to identify a qualified candidate in a talent pool. Your options are often limited. Thus, you'll choose the best person available now, not the ideal for the job. However, the number of applied candidates doesn't always make a difference. Sometimes selecting the right person from a smaller talent pipeline of qualified job applicants is easier. The solution is to set precise requirements in the job ads, clarify the job role, and use assessment questions.

2. Recruiting Fast

Companies aim to employ qualified candidates fast and save time, resources, and money. However, the recruitment process typically lasts longer, imposing pressure on hiring teams and recruiters. Perhaps recruiters should re-evaluate their recruitment process and consider whether all the stages are necessary. They should also consider whether they communicate efficiently and turn to recruitment metrics within their ATS software for insights.

3. Engaging Top Talents

Candidates with rare, hard-to-find abilities typically receive various proposals weekly, making it challenging for your company to stand out. Hence, you must do your best to reach passive talents as well. But before contacting passive candidates, discover what they seek in a job, what sparks their motivation, and personalize your emails.

4. Leveraging Data-Driven Recruitment

Collecting, tracking, and processing data can be tricky and involve manual work. As a result, this process is prone to unwitting human errors. Recruiters can use recruitment software to store data and receive relevant, accurate, and up-to-date insights and recommendations.

5. Developing Stellar Employer Brand

Even though excellent employer branding helps attract and retain top talents, it's a demanding process that requires all parties' collective and continuous effort.

It's recommended to respond to every feedback, including negative reviews. Besides, companies should encourage employees to share their testimonials and positive workplace stories.

6. Providing a Good Candidate Experience

People care about a company's candidate experience because it implies how they treat their employees. It can convince job seekers to apply for a job opening and improve employer branding if it's positive.

The best way to ensure a stellar candidate experience is to communicate regularly with the job applicants using an ATS. They can also automate hiring to make the process faster and smoother.

7. Recruiting Inclusively and Fairly

Unconscious bias often undermines a company's diversity and inclusion efforts and initiatives. Yet, diverse values are necessary for employee happiness and compliance with laws and regulations. Recruiters can eliminate recruitment bias by introducing blind recruiting or structured interviews.

8. Developing an Efficient Hiring Process

Recruitment teams require efficient, seamless, and transparent communication to ensure everyone's on the same track. But they often struggle with inefficient collaboration tools and manual tasks, slowing down the process.

Companies can overcome that by introducing platforms that help automate hiring and maintain continuous communication.


The hiring process can be challenging, requiring much effort, efficient tools, and flawless collaboration. But having a hiring automation platform helps address these issues and streamline activities, leading to better outcomes.

TA teams are turning to AI-powered recruiting software to help them hire the best candidates. Thus, companies must have an ATS that minimizes work through automation and AI. Looking to learn more about HireTalent and what it can do for your teams?


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