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The Ultimate Guide For Startups: Hiring For Phenomenal Growth

Updated: May 4, 2023

How to achieve fast growth?
How to achieve fast growth? A guide for startups

Many high-growth startups struggle with recruitment and say it is more challenging than fundraising due to the talent crunch. It is highly competitive and takes significant time, preparation, and stellar sales technique to persuade job seekers to consider you a potential employer. If you do that wrong, it could be the end of your startup. Yet, recruitment rarely gets the attention it deserves.

But the recruitment challenges that recruiters encounter get even less visibility. For instance, hiring the first two employees is easy, but getting from that number to 70 is another story.

Here are our tips and tricks on quickly achieving what many consider impossible – fast growth.

1. Establish an Attractive Company and Leverage Employer Branding

Most top-notch startups aim to attract competitive candidates who receive multiple offers quickly. Show what makes your workplace exciting and highlight your company’s mission. Remember to explain who you are, why top talents should work with you, and clarify your values.

2. Use a FREE Applicant Tracking System

Recruitment software or an Applicant Tracking System is typically at the center of fast startup growth due to its modern and multifunctional features. Find one that matches your expectations and requirements and encompasses the entire recruiting lifecycle, from candidate attraction to employee onboarding.

3. Develop a Consistent Hiring Process

Develop a stable network, which helps you establish a consistent recruitment process and leverage referrals. Word of mouth plays a significant role in scaling your startup, and recommendations could lead you to the next top-performing employee.

Use social media to engage the audience and spark their interest with regular and informative posts and news.

4. Write Compelling Job Descriptions

Avoid generic, one-size-fits-all formula job descriptions. Use an engaging language structure and be creative because you want to convince top talents that this is their dream job.

5. Understand your Hiring Needs

Be deliberate and hire candidates who align with your vision and can help you build the company you want to see in 20 years. Find job applicants with tremendous potential who can grow in your workplace and become high achievers.

6. Reach Passive Candidates

Conduct efficient sourcing and target passive job applicants by researching companies with similar objectives, missions, and values. Develop your ideal candidate profile and look for them among mature startups, where you may find talents ready to move to a novel, fresh opportunity.

But also check vulnerable startups that experienced changes or difficulties in the past few months, as you may find your window of opportunity there.

7. Create an Engaging Interview Process

Determine the pre-interview questions to weed out underqualified candidates. Consider introducing tests and screening assignments, as these can indicate a potential for future success.

8. Offer Helpful Perks and Benefits

Use perks and benefits to care for your workers’ needs, increasing employee morale and motivation. Provide a helpful and generous offering that resonates with your staff and encourages them to stay in the company for a long time.

9. Consider Where you’ll Post your Job Ads

Before publishing your job ads, research where other companies from your industry post and identify the favorite online spot of your target audience to follow their steps. Find the most popular job boards and consider niche sites for hard-to-fill job roles.

How can HireTalent help?

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